Cursillo De Cristiandad Movement   Movimiento Cursillo De Cristiandad
Cursillo de Cristiandad Movement/Movimiento Cursillo de Cristiandad
Join the Cursillo movement by going on a retreat and continuing your walk with the Lord. This is a prayer group to support you in building your relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a Christian...
Divine Child Group   Grupo Del Divino Niño
Divine Child Group/Grupo del Divino Niño
Contact the parish office for details. 
Eucharistic Ministers   Ministros De La Eucaristía
Eucharistic Ministers/Ministros de la Eucaristía
It is a sacred thing to administer the Body and Blood of Christ to His Church. The high point of each Mass is the transfiguration of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. Eucharistic...
Hermanos Unidos En Cristo Group   Grupo Hermanos Unidos En Cristo
Hermanos Unidos en Cristo Group/Grupo Hermanos Unidos en Cristo
Contact the parish office for details.
Jesús Me Pastorea Charismatic Group   Grupo Carismático Jesús Me Pastorea
Jesús Me Pastorea Charismatic Group/Grupo Carismático Jesús Me Pastorea
The Holy Spirit is alive and well in the life of the Church. Join our charismatic prayer group and learn to experience the movements of the Spirit in your own life.  
Knights Of Columbus   Caballeros De Colón
Knights of Columbus/Caballeros de Colón
The Knights of Columbus is a nationwide fraternity of men, which primarily engages as a support group for men in deepening their faith, and also offers insurance to laborers in the event that they...
Lectors   Lectores
Lectors are those who proclaim the Word of God at the celebration of the Eucharist and at other liturgical celebrations. We speak about the Word of God as spoken to us not simply 2000 years ago,...
Ministers Of Hospitality (Ushers)   Ministros De La Hospitalidad
Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers)/Ministros de la Hospitalidad
Ever had trouble finding a seat on Easter Sunday? Either you were very late, or that Mass didn't have an usher to help people find an open seat. Our ushers greet, welcome, and seat parishioners at...